– relax in the Eastern way

There are legends about the Russian banya or bathtub because for a long time it has been a simple “device” used by people in Russia. Currently, you can see banyas and tubs more often not only in hotels or holiday resorts but also in home gardens. The growing popularity is mainly due to the fashion for a natural and healthy lifestyle, and the installation of a wooden Russian banya is its important element.

The standard bathtub is made of larch or spruce wood and includes an external/internal heater that maintains the proper temperature for bathing. The interior can be lined with natural wood, polyester resin or a polypropylene insert.

In addition, the set includes practical stairs, a comfortable bench and a fence. The whole thing is placed on special props. The thickness of the boards, which the bathtubs are made of, is 45 mm, while the height of the structure reaches 100 cm with a diameter of 180 cm. Thanks to this, even several people can use it safely at the same time. A Russian bathtub is a good way to relax, stay healthy and harden the body all year round according to the old and proven methods of our ancestors.