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What garden decoration can be beautiful and functional at the same time? Of course, it’s the wooden gazebo that has enjoyed enormous popularity for many years. The use of durable spruce and pine wood allows you to create really sophisticated structures that will complement any home garden. In addition, the gazebo can be placed in the park, near the hotel, guesthouse and wherever people gather to have a nice time among the greenery. As a manufacturer of gazebos, we offer affordable prices. Most of the constructed gazebos were built on  a square or polygon plan, hence their different dimensions, such as:

Traditionally, each gazebo can be enriched with a wooden floor and benches. You may as well choose the color (red, green, brown, black) of bitumen shingles decorating the roof. A stylish wooden gazebo is a product that will appeal to everyone as it is a beautiful addition to any garden or commercial space.